January 4th, 2007

LiveJournal, GizmoProject and SIP

I have finally, after a little screwing around, worked out how to connect a SIP phone other than the provided (and mind you, quite decent) LJ Talk client to the LiveJournal (well, GizmoProject sip network.
What this means is that for those of us who have multiple SIP accounts (I have one a voxalot, one at wengo, and I believe GoogleTalk uses sip now too), we can use a single client to connect to all of them.
It is a damn shame, though, that no decent cross-SIP-network unified phone+IM client exists (although WengoPhone NG (a.k.a. OpenWengo)
The sad bit of this story is that it seems there is no way to actually get your LiveJournal/GizmoProject number which you need without actually installing LJTalk to check it.
Still, if you are feeling very enthusiastic, here are the steps:
  • Download and install LJTalk
  • Log in using your LiveJournal details
  • Choose to 'edit your profile' and read off your number from in there (it will be something like 1-747-555-1212 or somesuch).
  • Uninstall LJTalk
  • Install your SIP client of choice
  • Set up the account with the following details:
    Username: The number without the hyphens
    Password: your livejournal password
    Domain: livejournal.gizmoproject.com
  • Profit!

There may be other details I am missing, but using this process I have been able to call between my various accounts, and have some very interesting conversations on philosophy and psychosis.